Household Waste ID Fraud Radio Appearances

This month Professor Martin Gill appeared on BBC local radio and South Korean radio with Henry Shinn discussing identity theft.

South Korea is facing a major identity theft problem, and Martin spoke about our own research with victims and offenders and some of the key trends in patterns of behaviour and potential responses.

You can listen to the interview on South Korean prime time radio below:

Martin highlighted that the public need to be more aware of the risks of disposing of confidential information in household rubbish. Offenders have reported raiding bins for paper work and looking for bank statements and utility bills during burglaries.

“Bag snatches and pick-pockets is another way they get information, so you’ve really got to be careful across the board. Computing and the internet has its own little dangers, so we’ve got to make sure we pay attention there. And here is the problem with this. There are lots of ways offenders get information and we really need to be aware of them and not make it easy.”
 Professor Martin Gill, Director of Perpetuity Research

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