Evaluation of Restorative Justice for Fraud offences

Research suggests that the use of Restorative Justice to reconcile offenders with their victim(s) and/or the wider community, has the potential to reduce repeat offending. Consequently it can bring benefits to victims of crime, offenders, and ultimately the criminal justice system and the wider public. One area that has not yet been tested is its application for engaging fraudsters. While fraud is commonly seen as a ‘victimless crime’ the reality is far from this – indeed the impacts can be devastating.

Perpetuity Research is currently undertaking an evaluation of a Restorative Justice pilot carried out by the City of London Police for cases involving insurance and investment fraud. It is designed to teach offenders about the true impact of their offences and give them an opportunity to desist from further offending. Our evaluation encompasses consultation with offenders, victims and key stakeholders involved in running and delivering the pilot; along with analysis of pre and post intervention questionnaires and programme data. The findings are intended to identify key strengths and weaknesses of the programme and make recommendations for this and similar programmes.

To find out more about our research in the area of reducing reoffending visit the website or contact us on prci@perpetuitygroup.com, 01892 538690.

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