Education Research Case Study: NASUWT – Prejudice Related Bullying in Schools

Who for: NASUWT.

Methods: Large-scale literature review, online survey of teachers, analysis of data and production of a final report.

Description: This study, undertaken on behalf of the NASUWT, explored the experiences of prejudice related bullying and harassment (PRB) amongst teachers and head teachers in schools. It included a review of available sources on prejudice related bullying and harassment of teachers and head teachers and an online survey of teachers. Not only was it apparent that PRB in schools is an under-researched area, but that workplace bullying within schools is widespread with two thirds of teachers in the sample reporting that they had experienced this. Yet few schools have or communicate effectively their anti-bullying policy for staff. It was also found that many PRB incidents are not reported and that where incidents are reported many teachers are not satisfied with the response of the school.

Actionable Outputs: This research suggests that more work is needed to better understand PRB in schools. It is a significant problem, which is grossly under-reported. The report suggests that a national campaign should be undertaken to promote teachers’ confidence in reporting PRB incidents and to address the fear of reprisal. It also suggests that the proposal to ban membership of racist and fascist organisation by teachers and school governors should be reopened for consideration.

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