New Editions to the Crime Prevention and Security Management Series

The Crime Prevention and Security Management series is a collection of books published by Palgrave Macmillan and edited by Martin Gill.

It is widely recognised that we live in an increasingly unsafe society, but the study of security and crime prevention has lagged behind in its importance on the political agenda and has not matched the level of public concern. This exciting series aims to address these issues looking at topics such as crime control, policing, security, theft, workplace violence and crime, fear of crime, civil disorder, white collar crime and anti-social behaviour. International in perspective, providing critically and theoretically-informed work, this series will advance new understandings of crime prevention and security management.

Recent and upcoming additions to this series include:

buy viagra with priligy ‘Soft’ Policing: The Collaborative Control of Anti-Social Behaviour – Daniel McCarthy – released 5th February 2014

This book investigates the practices of ‘soft’ policing through the perspective of different control agencies including the police, social work teams and the youth justice service, and their collaborative response towards young people involved in low-level anti-social behaviour. read more here…

buy you a drank lyrics Corporate Security in the 21st Century: Theory and Practice in International Perspective – Kevin Walby and Randy Lippert – to be released on 20th June 2014

This interdisciplinary collection places corporate security in a theoretical and global context. Arguing that corporate security is becoming the primary form of security in the twenty-first century and affecting an increasing number of people inside and outside of corporations, this is one of the first books to examine corporate security practices in multiple countries and from multiple perspectives. read more here…

Horizonte Citizens, Community and Crime Control – Karen Bullock – to be released 23rd July 2014

From reporting crimes to volunteering for the police, it is clear that citizens and communities play fundamental roles in policing and the construction of crime control. Embedded in the examples of police-community consultation, community policing, Neighbourhood Watch, citizen patrols, the Special Constabulary and Police Support Volunteers, this book provides a timely examination of the forms and functions of citizen and community participation in policing. read more here…

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