Defend Against Thieves – Penetration Tests

Penetration tests (sometimes referred to as mystery shoplifting) provide an opportunity to test out the effectiveness of security and obtain very specific and first hand feedback about why something worked or did not work. Tests are a way of assessing security from the viewpoint of the thief.

Perhaps the most important advantage of tests is that they facilitate very specific feedback to stores (or head offices, warehouses, or the supply chain) about security strengths (and therefore provide an opportunity to promote good practices and recognise effective staff and procedures); and identify security weaknesses and provide recommendations on how these can be remedied.

The thief’s perspective provides a very engaging way of gaining the attention of staff, and is therefore a good basis for communicating messages. People are interested in the thief’s view; it has credibility because it has been gained from real experience in the workplace.

Perpetuity staff have considerable experience of conducting penetration tests. We have interviewed thieves in person, and accompanied them on ‘walkabouts’ in stores to understand the types of opportunities they exploit. From this we have developed detailed insights that they use to test store security. Moreover, we have specific and extensive experience of conducting tests and we can use this to benchmark performance and guide future work.

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