Counter Fraud Conference Talks – Dr Janice Goldstraw-White

One of our associates, Dr Janice Goldstraw-White, will be giving two papers on June 2nd 2014 at the Portsmouth University Counter Fraud Conference.

Paper 1: Accounting for crimes – an examination of the motivations, rationality and
afterthoughts of convicted fraudsters.

Paper 2: Female Fraudsters – a breed apart?

The first of these will be a ‘meet the author’ session and will offer a fantastic opportunity to interact with an expert in the fraud research area. The second paper focuses on women and white-collar crime.

To find out more about the Counter Fraud Conference click here

Janice is an independent criminologist with an extensive background and expertise in white-collar crime. Her book ‘White-Collar Crime: Accounts of Offending Behaviour’ is part of the Crime Prevention and Security Management series and is available here

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