Stoptober Returns


The approach of October heralds the return of Stoptober – a 28 day challenge providing support to those who would like to stop smoking: Visit the website for more information

Perpetuity has undertaken a number of projects evaluating initiatives to prevent both the uptake of smoking amongst young people and exposure to second hand smoke. We have found that increasingly innovative approaches are being used to reduce the chances of them becoming one of the estimated 6 million people each year that are killed by tobacco related illness, 600,000 of whom are non-smokers exposed to second-hand smoke.

New technologies such as e-cigarettes pose new concerns, due to a lack of regulation of these products to prevent them being marketed to young people, as well as the potential health risks and erosion of existing tobacco control efforts (such as banning indoor use in public and work places). It is timely therefore that on the agenda this month at the October World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control is the regulation of e-cigarettes and similar products.


For more information on our work in this area: Click Here


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