Preventing Burglary: Tips from Convicted Burglars

In research commissioned by Churchill Home Insurance, Perpetuity Research interviewed 15 convicted burglars to help understand burglary and how it can be prevented.

The burglars we spoke to cited drug addiction and the need to get hold of ‘quick easy money’ as a key motivation for burglary. People who commit burglary often look for an easy opportunity. Burglars reported looking for an open window or valuable items on show from the street that would be easy to sell on quickly (such as a laptop or smart phone).

“Rarely are offenders’ views sought when analysing the causes of crime. Offenders can provide valuable insights into how offences are conducted, how crimes like burglary might be prevented and their impact reduced. The research confirms again that there are practical measures that householders can and should take to reduce the risk of burglary: let’s not make it easy for them.” 

Professor Martin Gill, Director of Perpetuity Research

Here are some tips from burglars on how households can
better protect their homes. Don’t let your home be an easy target.

  • Install a monitored alarm
  • Buy some security cameras
  • Remove valuables visible from the road
  • Visible neighbourhood watch stickers
  • Use SmartWater on technology/portable items
  • Have your upstairs lights on a timer when you are out
  • Don’t allow fliers/papers/post to mount up
  • Draw the curtains
  • Lock the doors when at home
  • The presence of a dog was also identified as a strong deterrent

One burglar warned of the increased risk of selling good online:

“People need to stop advertising stuff online. eBay. People will see something they like on eBay. Go round to have a look at it so you have the address. Say they don’t want it then go get someone like me to get it for them.”

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