Survey on single and bundled security provision

Today we are launching a survey to explore a much debated issue – the relative pros and cons of procuring and managing security as a single service, as opposed to bundling it with other FM service provision. The work is part of a major study to better understand the differences in approach.

We are inviting three groups to take part in the on-line survey:

  • Facilities Managers, involved in the management of security services
  • Security Managers and Procurement Specialists, involved in the purchase of security services
  • Directors and Managers of companies supplying security services and goods

The survey is anonymous and should take approximately 15 minutes to complete. The deadline for responses is the 1st March 2013. The on-line survey can be accessed at:

This work is part of our Security Research Initiative, set up to evaluate topics of importance to the security world, and to promote good practice. The work is supported by the BSIA, The Security Institute and ASIS International (UK Chapter).


  • Martin,

    I hope to discuss this subject with you in detail but, its interesting to note that i know of 5 ‘Global’ companies who are currently de bundling their security from FM as we speak.

    it would be really nice if they would allow your team to interview them.



  • Whittington Brathwaite

    Iam the owner and consultant of my Firm Superior Security and Management Services.I think that a service providing and managing security should for its own development concentrate on developement of physical, security and ensuring that its electronic security complements, so that managing those areas are done without any regrets to the client.If there is any other security measure to be done by the firm it must be within the realm of providing related services and not going into other areas where his competency is not proficient.

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