ASIS 2014 Book of the Year nomination: The Handbook of Security – Edited by Martin Gill

The second edition of The Handbook of Security has been nominated as one of the titles considered for the ASIS 2014 Book of the Year Award.

The fully revised second edition of The Handbook of Security includes chapters from the world’s leading authorities with contributions from US, Canada, Europe, Australia and Asia. It provides what is probably the most comprehensive summary analysis of scholarly security debates and issues to date including the discipline of security, different areas of security activity, the approach taken in different sectors, and generates new insights on a range of key themes from professionalisation to ethical conduct.

Consisting of over forty chapters, the volume considers an array of topics such as workplace crime, terrorism, organised crime and counterfeiting, and applies discussions of crime and security to a variety of sectors including retail, finance, and tourism. The handbook includes a new section on approaches to researching security through ethnography, systematic reviews and meta-analysis. In later sections, it analyses security products and services such as guards, alarms and CCTV, as well as the management of security where chapters focus on crisis management, partnerships and regulation. The final section critiques security using various approaches including critical security studies, professionalisation and ethics.

Informed by disciplines including environmental science, criminology, politics and economics, The Handbook of Security is essential reading for all those engaged with the security world.

For more information about the Handbook and the topics it includes visit the Palgrave Macmillan website

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