New Secured Environments Shopping Centre Registrations

Following on from the success of the Marlowes Shopping Centre in January, as the first shopping centre to achieve the Secured Environments Award, we are now pleased to announce that a further 13 shopping centres from around the UK including the South, Midlands and Scotland have registered for the police accreditation.

Secured environments is a security risk management accreditation offered by ACPO CPI. The scheme is open to any organisation, who will undergo an audit of their security processes and procedures which includes independent consultations with management, security staff and general staff as part of the assessment procedure.

Organisations seeking this accreditation must meet six key principles:

  1. Commitment to create a secure environment
  2. Understand the problem
  3. Develop a response
  4. Manage the response
  5. Implement the response/solution
  6. Evaluate the response

For more information about the Secured Environment police certification scheme, or call 01892 538690

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