10 Notable Things That Hackers Can Hack Into

At the start of the century it would have been unthinkable that public safety could be compromised by criminals sitting in their own living room. However, with the rapid increase in internet-connected devices, hackers can cause havoc on many different fronts. Consequently, IFSEC Global have highlighted 10 things that hackers could gain control of, or, already have done so.

Here’s a list of potential and previously hacked devices:

  • Smart Rifles
  • Website users personal details (Such as the details of nearly 40 million users of Ashley Madison being stolen last month)
  • Cars (1.4 million Fiat Chryslers have been recalled due to hackers taking control of their vehicles)
  • 90% of cargo ships
  • CCTV and access control
  • Smart Buildings
  • Plane Steering
  • Medical Devices
  • Banks
  • Businesses

The potential damage of cyber crime is evidently worrying, so it is clear that with this heightened threat of cyber criminality, cyber security is more important than ever. In line with this, here at Perpetuity Research, we are committed to gaining a better understanding of cyber crime and we have just announced our brand new project for the Security Research Initiative, looking at the role of the private security sector in tackling cyber crime.

To learn more about our latest SRI project and previous projects, please click here. For further information on how to become a member click here.

If you have any thoughts on the topic that you would like to contribute to the research please contact us prci@perpetuityresearch.com

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