New Anti Burglary Campaign

With the clocks turning back last weekend in the UK, the risk of burglary has increased greatly due to the darker evenings. Consequently, this October, the Sussex Police have issued an Autumn Burglary Campaign to give the public advice on how to prevent burglaries and protect the most vulnerable in the area. In order to achieve this, they have decided to publicise victims’ stories as well as providing tips to householders.

The Police have given the following tips to keep yourself protected:

  • Daily security – Lock all doors even when in the house, keep important belongings out of sight and reach, consider a burglar alarm, mark valuables with your details and even register your belongings at
  • After dark – leave a light on if you are out of the house (in an un-viewable room) and fit security lighting.
  • Door security – Don’t let anyone you don’t know into the house and fit a chain lock.
  • Garden security – Lock any gates, trim your greenery to limit hiding spaces and don’t leave garden tools laying around (potential burglary device).

At Perpetuity, we have done extensive research into burglars’ mentality and how burglary can be prevented, such as research commissioned by Churchill Home Insurance where we interviewed 15 burglars.

“Offenders can provide valuable insights into how offences are conducted, how crimes like burglary might be prevented and their impact reduced. The research confirms again that there are practical measures that householders can and should take to reduce the risk of burglary: let’s not make it easy for them.” 


Professor Martin Gill, Director of Perpetuity Research

To read more about the work we have done on burglary, please click here.

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