The Experiences of New Teachers in a Changing World

Perpetuity are delighted to announce that they have been commissioned by NASUWT to carry out an in-depth study of the experiences of new teachers upon entering the profession. The first phase of the project is due to complete at the end of 2016 and the report will be published here on our website.

The project builds on a previous five-year longitudinal project carried out by Perpetuity on behalf of NASUWT, published in 2009. This work highlighted and explored many serious issues faced by teachers, including the impact of poor pupil behaviour and a lack of training and support to carry out aspects of the teaching role.

Since the completion of this project, the structure of the teaching profession in the UK has significantly changed. The NASUWT wish to revisit the issues identified by the previous research in light of these changes, in order to understand the impact of the different ways in which training and education are now delivered.

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