Crime Stats Show Fraud Is Rising


The latest report released by ONS on Crime in England and Wales, notes that while overall crime levels have stayed consistent, financial fraud was found to be increasing (39% on the previous year) with 1.9 million incidences of frauds on UK-issued cards recorded by the police, in the year ending September 2016.


This is a concerning trend, not least due to Perpetuity’s recent research findings that fraud is disproportionately an organised crime, disproportionately harmful and yet, is not a priority to many local police forces, and indeed often falls outside the remit of many agencies. On this basis, Perpetuity is currently undertaking a joint project with the Police Foundation looking at improving the local response to fraud in terms of perpetrators, victims and the public. The aim of the work is to provide recommendations that could lead to an improvement in the effectiveness of the response to fraud.


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