Victims’ Needs Assessment in Thames Valley

A wide range of agencies are involved in delivering victim services, in both the public and voluntary sectors, seeking to meet the diverse needs of victims including for those most vulnerable and/or for those who experience the more serious offences. The effects of victimisation are now well documented and can include substantial psychological and physical effects with knock on consequences in, for example, loss of earnings and restrictions on activities. These findings underpin the importance of victim support services, yet evidence suggests current services provision falls short: more than one in five victims want some form of support and at least three out of ten do not get the support they need.

Perpetuity Research is currently undertaking research to assess the emotional and practical support needs of victims, the differing needs of Thames Valley’s diverse communities, and how services might help design-out inequalities in access. Our research encompasses consultation with victims, key stakeholders, and practitioners involved in running and delivering services for victims in Thames Valley. The findings are intended to identify good practice, gather perceptions of key stakeholders and gather opinions of victims, gain an understanding of under-reporting, and inform future service provisioning.

To find out more about our research in the area victims of crime and service evaluations visit the website or contact us on, 01892 538690.

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