Survey: What does a successful buyer-supplier relationship look like in security?

Perpetuity Research has launched a survey as part of our research to better understand the impact that the relationship between buyers and suppliers can have on the overall success of a contract. This has remained largely unexamined in the security sector. The survey looks at which factors are important to achieving a successful relationship and which can be detrimental. It also seeks clarification on whether current trends in security bear any impact on the buyer-supplier relationship.

This survey is anonymous, takes just 10 minutes to complete and the deadline for responses is 30th March 2018. It is best suited to those with direct experience of the buyer-supplier relationship, such as security suppliers, managers (including intermediaries) who purchase security and other security experts. All participants are given the opportunity to automatically receive a free copy of the findings once the report is published (Autumn 2018).

To begin the survey click here –

The research is being undertaken under the umbrella of the Security Research Initiative. You can find out more about the work here –


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