NASUWT – Experiences of New Teachers

On behalf of the teaching union, NASUWT, Perpetuity Research carried out a study to understand the contemporary issues facing new teachers and to measure change since our previous research on this topic (click here to see the previous study).

Indeed the findings showed that new teachers are now more likely to expect to leave the profession within the first three years, and considerably less likely to expect to stay in teaching for their whole career. The heavy workload experienced by new teachers and the affect this had on their health and wellbeing was a key factor in early career dissatisfaction.

The report is based on the experiences of new teachers gathered via a survey of NASUWT members and in depth interviews. The research addresses the routes into teaching, experiences of teaching, career satisfaction, professional development and investment, behavioural issues in the classroom, and teaching tasks and standards.

Download the report here: Experiences of New Teachers 2017

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