New research report published on “Exploring the experiences of women in security and identifying key areas for industry development”

Perpetuity Research publishes the findings of new industry research sponsored by ICTS UK & Ireland into the experiences of women in security.

The independent research is based on 706 survey responses and 21 interviews with female security professionals from a range of roles who carry out or manage staff who undertake physical security tasks.

The report highlights that many women hold a positive perception of the security industry overall, and by no means have all struggled to progress or faced discrimination. However, it was apparent that a number of potential barriers to women entering and progressing in the sector exist and as such, there is a clear need for the industry to address these. It was also apparent that many of the proposed approaches suggested by the women who took part in the research, would be of general benefit to the industry, not only by attracting and retaining female security personnel, but by helping to dispel outdated perceptions of what physical security work involves and create a working environment that is attractive to all and enables all staff to be treated equally.

ICTS UK & Ireland’s Managing Director, Andy Kynoch commented: “We stand for equality and diversity within our organisation and the wider industry. There is currently a tremendous strength, enthusiasm and commitment from the security sector, whether working in partnership with the Police, with other organisations and individually to continue to protect our people, properties and communities. A workforce of different skills, experiences and ideas is key.

Perpetuity Research’s Research Manager, Charlotte Howell, noted: “While a gender imbalance in some workplaces is no new concept, it is notable that women remain particularly underrepresented in the physical security workforce. Crucially, some respondents that had previously worked in other sectors (such as the police and prison service) felt that security was lagging behind. There remains a perception that security is a man’s world. But equally it was clear that the security sector can offer exciting, challenging and interesting careers to people with a wide range of skills and attributes. The research highlights the need for employers to take stock of their approach and consider the steps they can take to attract high calibre recruits regardless of gender, and further, once recruited, to ensure their workforce is truly treated equally.


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The findings of the research will be presented by Perpetuity Research at the UK OSPAs Thought Leadership Summit 2020, 26th February, Royal Lancaster London. Further details on attending the event are available here.


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