Survey launched for study on digital forensics

Perpetuity Research, in collaboration with by ICPR at Birkbeck and IGCP at University College London, are conducting a study on digital forensics. The research focuses on the handling of ‘social media evidence’ in the investigation and prosecution of criminal offences: that is, evidence arising from social media and messaging communications between suspects, victims and witnesses of crime.

This is a unique, original and independent study, funded by the Dawes Trust, a charitable foundation.

We have launched an online survey as part of this study, and are calling on police officers, law enforcement employees, digital forensic experts, and criminal lawyers to participate in the survey. This will take up to about 10 minutes. Responses will be recorded anonymously, and will feed into the wider project findings which will be made publicly available.

If you are interested in taking part in the survey, please use the following links for more information and to participate:

For police officers, law enforcement employees, and digital forensic experts:

For criminal lawyers:

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