IFPO security officer research programme officially launched

Perpetuity Research has been commissioned by the IFPO to undertake a global study ‘Exploring the Modern Role and Job Complexity of Security Officers’ . The purpose of this study is to fill a major knowledge gap; namely to understand the role of security officers in different countries. This includes a requirement to better understand the range of duties undertaken by security officers; the range of tasks they are they responsible for; the types of tasks they find the most difficult; the complexity of various tasks; the skills and knowledge required to complete various tasks; and the extent and ways in which tasks undertaken overlap those of other workers.

The project is due to report in September 2021 and will include a global survey of frontline security workers as wells in depth interviews. You can view the official News Release here.


‘The pandemic has helped highlight the crucial role played by frontline security workers. This project will provide insights into their views and experiences on their competence for the job and their skills gaps. This is a much-neglected area of study and an important one’.

Dr. Martin Gill, Director, Perpetuity Research and Consultancy International


‘This research is long overdue. The roles and responsibilities of security officers have changed drastically. In order for us to develop and deliver the educational programs that reflect the needs of the security industry this research becomes critical to development of the future security officer’

Sandi Davies, Executive Director, International Foundation for Protection Officers

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