Report Launch – The Competence of Frontline Security Professionals and What They Say About Their Work

The work of security officers – sometimes called guards – is important but often underrated. This research, undertaken on behalf of IFPO, sought to understand the modern role of the security officer – specifically what competencies are needed, how easy or difficult tasks are perceived to be, how effective security officers view the training they received to be, and the views held about the competency of colleagues.


The report, based on the views of over 10,000 security officers from nine countries, is now available from –


Martin Gill, Perpetuity Research, who led the research noted:


‘This important project provides insights into the competency of frontline security staff, a much under-researched topic. While for supporters of the value of security the research reveals encouraging findings, it also highlights areas which need urgent attention.’


Glen Kitteringham, a co-researcher added:


‘This research identifies and supports the fact that security officers have complex jobs which are misunderstood and often minimized.  The tasks they perform require more understanding and support from their clients and employers.’