The Use of AI in Physical Security

Dr Janice Goldstraw-White, one of our researchers, has recently written an article with David Quinn, Product Manager UK, G4S. In this they outline how although artificial Intelligence (AI) has certainly impacted our everyday lives in the last couple of decades, the extent to which it has been adopted in different sectors varies considerably.

In the physical security sector, they show how the use of AI in video surveillance systems and through biometrics in access control, has been a game changer, but use in this sector compared to others, such as financial services and IT is much lower. They consider the reasons why this might be so and many of these are centred around privacy issues (as previously discussed in one of our Thought Leadership Webinars) and inability of AI to fully mimic human behaviour. However, they also highlight the many ways AI can be used in the security industry further and how they believe this could be advanced in the future.

To access the full article please click here.