What is ‘excellence’ in security?

The focus of the new Security Research Initiative (SRI) topic this year, is to look at how to define and recognise ‘excellence’ in the field of security. We want to know:

  1. What is an excellent security company?
  2. What does an excellent security contract look like?
  3. What does an excellent security function look like?
  4. What do you get from an ‘excellent’ service that you do not get from an ‘ok’ or a ‘bad’ one?
  5. Is there a set of ideals for defining excellence? Or is it a flexible concept depending on need and budget (e.g. the best service for the budget available)?

We will be progressing this study throughout the year and would welcome contact from anyone that would like to share their thoughts or experiences on this issue.

To get in touch with us about this piece of work, please contact Martin Gill on prci@perpetuitygroup.com or 0116 222 5555.

For further information about the Security Research Initiative visit: http://www.perpetuityresearch.com/sri.html

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