We are moving the Security Strategy Toolkit

Since 2009 our popular Security Strategy Tookit has been accessible online as web-based toolkit. The toolkit was developed due to the finding that surprisingly few organisations have a security strategy in place – and even less have an effective strategy. This toolkit navigates the process, from strategic analysis and strategy development through to implementation and strategic review. It includes examples, proformas, and a range of tools all of which include security examples drawing upon best practices from around the world. The toolkit was originally developed as part of our Security Research Initiative.

The toolkit is now available as a downloadable PDF document (with accompanying example documentation). The content is exactly the same and it contains navigable links to work through the sections. The toolkit can now be downloaded from the members page of our website which is completely free to access:


Existing toolkit users should note that the previous web-based version will now be phased out, and closed down in September 2013. To ensure you can continue to access it, just follow the link to our website above.

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