Reducing the impact of serious organised crime in local communities 

A new project  Perpetuity Research and The Police Foundation are running a two year project which will focus on helping the police and their partners to work towards identifying strategies to reduce the impact of serious organised crime in local communities. Bridging the knowledge gap As volume crime continues to fall, concern about serious organised crime, which is costly, harmful and widespread, is rising. Organised crime […]

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Counterfeiters Beware of this Tiny Technology

A new breakthrough in microparticle technology may help to prevent the forging of currency and the sale of counterfeit, sub-standard and unsafe goods to unwary customers. Scientists and engineers at MIT have developed a new microscopic barcode that can be embedded into currency, credit cards and industrial packaging. Although these tiny barcodes are invisible to the naked eye, they reveal […]

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Extracting Audio from Visual Information

This month a group of researchers based at MIT successfully demonstrated an algorithm that can capture audio information using video content alone. By analysing the tiny vibrations of objects caused by nearby sound waves, the team was able to translate these to recover the sounds causing these vibrations. “When sound hits an object, it causes the object to vibrate. The […]

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