Research in to the needs of those bereaved by suicide in Kent

Perpetuity has recently been awarded funding from Kent County Council to carry out research into the needs of people bereaved by suicide in Kent.   This important project will look at the experiences of people in Kent who have been bereaved by suicide with a view to developing the future of support offered in Kent. The research will involve looking […]

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Sexual Violence Needs Assessment for Gloucestershire OPCC

Gloucestershire OPCC

Perpetuity has recently completed a sexual violence needs assessment for Gloucestershire OPCC. The area was looking to develop a sexual violence strategy (separate to the domestic violence strategy) to ensure that survivors of sexual violence are receiving the care they need to cope and recover from the impacts of the crimes committed against them. Perpetuity carried out this assessment by […]

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Digital Forensics and Social Media: ethics, challenges and opportunities

Digital forensics

A new research project will explore the use of ‘digital forensics’ in criminal cases, focusing on social media and messaging communications between suspects, victims and witnesses of crimes. Perpetuity Research is a lead contributor to a collaborative research project that will look in particular at evidence derived from posts on social media platforms and communications on messaging applications, and at […]

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Understanding the Police Response to Fraud

Despite being a third of crime in England and Wales fraud is not prioritised by the police, report finds   New research by Perpetuity Research and the Police Foundation has found that the police response to victims of fraud is inadequate. Despite fraud making up to 31 per cent of all crime, and more than one third of victims reporting […]

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Improving the local response to Fraud

Background Perpetuity and the Police foundation are working together on a two-year project investigating the UK response to fraud. This work is founded on previous research carried out by the teams which found that a disproportionate amount of fraud is organised and that it is highly prevalent, for example, between a third and nearly half of all frauds occurring locally in our sample of two police […]

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The impact of organised crime on local communities

New research by Perpetuity Research and the Police Foundation on the impact of organised crime on local communities has found that up to 17% of recorded crime occurring within neighbourhoods could be attributed to organised crime. The majority of organised crime identified by the police in the neighbourhoods related to drugs, violence and fraud. In three neighbourhoods, only 4% of […]

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An evaluation of a restorative justice trial: where the victims are businesses and the offenders are insurance fraudsters 

Perpetuity Research have completed a study into the use of restorative justice with low level insurance fraudsters. This is the first known Restorative Trial focussing exclusively on this type of offender. The Trial was headed by the City of London Police working in conjunction with insurers. Like most Trials of this nature it provided a number of important learning points. […]

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The impact of organised crime in the off-street sex market

  Research conducted jointly by Perpetuity Research and Police foundation published today shows that organised crime plays a major role in local off-street sex markets. The study, based in Bristol, found that very many of the brothels identified were managed by groups of offenders. What’s the impact of organised crime on the adult sex market? This is what the resesarch […]

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New research finds that up to 45% of fraud is linked to organised crime.

New research by the Police Foundation and Perpetuity Research has found that between 31% and 45% of fraud may be linked to organised crime.  This is up to three times higher than the 15% found in previous studies. The research, which was funded by the Dawes Trust, looked at a large sample of frauds taking place in the Midlands and […]

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