What is the value of security in the workplace? Survey is now closed, thank you for your help

Most organisations agree that security is needed in the workplace to prevent and respond to crime, but what, if any, are the wider benefits to other corporate departments like HR, Sales and Marketing, Finance, Legal, Procurement and Operations? Does good security help organisations to care for staff and increase their productivity? Does it give a competitive edge? Does it help […]

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Crime Scene Investigation in the Virtual World

virtual reality

With the upcoming release of the Oculus Rift and Microsoft Hololens, virtual reality is set to explode into the mainstream market. Using a headset with special stereoscopic displays, the wearer is immersed into an interactive computer-generated 3D environment, in which his/her movements are tracked and displayed back to the user – creating the illusion that they are inside a virtual world. […]

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Crash for Cash Insurance Fraud – Don’t be a victim

Prof. Martin Gill recently spoke about the phenomenon of ‘crash for cash’ insurance fraud on a video produced by the Insurance Fraud Bureau. This type of insurance fraud adds an estimated £50 to the annual insurance costs of individual policyholders. It can also be a contributing factor to organised crime, with the proceeds of insurance fraud funding more serious crime, […]

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