Latest Security Research Initiative Project: What are the broader benefits of security?

The focus of the new Security Research Initiative (SRI) topic this year, is to establish the broader benefits of security. In both corporate security departments and amongst security suppliers, there has been a very narrow focus on the benefits from services provided; in fact most often that focus has been on security benefits. But there is evidence that a host […]

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Do you know an Insurance Fraudster?

We are working with the Association of British Insurers to better understand the motivations and approaches taken by insurance fraudsters. We have already conducted some interviews. However, we are trying to find more people who have committed a type of insurance fraud and would be prepared to take part in a confidential and anonymous interview (we are offering a small […]

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Transforming rehabilitation agenda – why is resettlement so important?

Improving the development of positive life skills for offenders is central to successfully preventing further offences being committed. The significant role that personal issues such as substance misuse, living arrangements and education, training and employment play in changing the attitudes and behaviours of offenders is strongly evidenced. All are central to ensuring the effective resettlement of offenders both in the […]

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