The Security Sector in Perspective

This study identifies how individuals from the security sector view the current state of the sector and examines their perspectives on economic and regulatory changes. The key feature of this study was to design and administer an online survey of the security sector, completed anonymously and by three main groups: directors and managers of companies supplying security, procurers of security […]

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SRI: Security Strategy Toolkit

Surprisingly few organisations have a security strategy in place – and even less have an effective strategy. Our research prior to developing the toolkit had found that only one in three companies have a full, board approved, security strategy. Even when a security strategy was in place it was rarely ‘fit for purpose’, lacking specific objectives to guide the work […]

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SRI: Procuring Security Toolkit

Previous research showed that the procurement process used for purchasing security goods and services does not always work to the benefit of the buyer and/or supplier. We identified that much could be gained from a research study drawing on the experiences of those engaged in the procurement process. This research allowed us to identify ways to overcome potential problems as […]

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