Organisational Perspectives on the Value of Security

This study was undertaken to gain a better understanding of the view of the security function from those in senior management positions within organisations but not those specialising in security. Not only was security commonly considered as an important function within an organisation, it was felt to make an exceptional contribution to the success of an organisation. You can download […]

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The Opportunities and Barriers to Partnership Working Between the Police and Private Sector

This research looks at how the police and private security industry work together and how the police and corporate security work in partnership, in order to identify the barriers preventing effective partnership initiatives and to establish what opportunities exist. Cuts to public spending make this research extremely timely and the findings provided valuable insights. You can download the full report […]

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The Security Sector in Perspective

This study identifies how individuals from the security sector view the current state of the sector and examines their perspectives on economic and regulatory changes. The key feature of this study was to design and administer an online survey of the security sector, completed anonymously and by three main groups: directors and managers of companies supplying security, procurers of security […]

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