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We’re looking for a new Marketing and Sales Assistant to transform our approach to communicating what we do. Interested? Read about the role here.

Marketing and Sales Assistant


Based In Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Who are we?


We work globally; we are entrepreneurial and unique. Our mantra is that we are committed to making a difference. There are three parts to our work all related to the theme of crime and security.

First, we run the Outstanding Security Performance Awards (the OSPAs), an international awards scheme ( It currently operates in six countries and we are expanding.

Second, we engage in crime and security research ( We interview people in prison, work with police and victims and help to rethink approaches to preventing crime.

Third, we manage and promote a police accreditation scheme ( We work with shopping centres, universities, London landmarks and we are expanding.

Preventing crime is important, and we are at the forefront in developing new insights and promoting new ways of keeping people and organizations safe.

We have a great team and great products, we are all highly committed too. But we are poor at communicating what we do, that is why we need you.


Who you are?

Whoever you are, or aspire to be, you’re someone who is interested in how things can be improved. You are a pro active change maker, looking to make a difference.  Moreover, you are interested in marketing, sales and communication.

That is exactly what we’re looking for.


The day job

You will be conducting an independent project to design and implement a strategic marketing plan. We need someone to create ideas and strategies that communicate what we do using effective marketing, sales and communication strategies with a major focus on social media.

The marketing plan is crucial to achieving our goals which includes expansion in all areas of our work.


So let’s think more precisely about the duties

Well, we are not experts – another reason we need you – but we think the core tasks include:

  • Developing and maintaining a client contact (and leads) database for our work around the world
  • Developing and managing marketing and sales campaigns
  • Optimising our presence on social media
  • Updating our website
  • Drafting content/copy for newsletters, press releases etc
  • Reporting and measuring marketing activities and outcomes

That said, we think you will have some ideas of your own.

What do you need?

We want a good colleague. We are open-minded after that. Probably a degree and professional qualification and at least a bit of workplace experience. Knowing a bit about digital marketing is a must, client/lead databases and the basics such as MailChimp, SurveyMonkey and WordPress might help, there again you may know better ways?

Other qualities that come to mind are: high attention to detail; good communication skills; administratively competent; proactive with an ability to manage competing demands

What is in it for you?

 We will expect to pay you of course, but you need to tell us what you think is fair.

We can be flexible if you need us to be.

If you are ambitious you will like us, there are no limits, none at all, anything is possible.

Let us know what you think.


Application Process

To make an application please send the following documents:

  • Your CV
  • A covering letter stating why you are a suitable candidate.



Professor Martin Gill

11a High Street

Tunbridge Wells



T +44 (0)1892 538690 | M +44 (0)774 028 4286 | or





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