Latest Security Research Initiative Project: What are the broader benefits of security?

The focus of the new Security Research Initiative (SRI) topic this year, is to establish the broader benefits of security. In both corporate security departments and amongst security suppliers, there has been a very narrow focus on the benefits from services provided; in fact most often that focus has been on security benefits. But there is evidence that a host of other (non-security) benefits are derived from having good security. We will therefore be considering the contribution that security makes to issues such as staff wellbeing, company reputation and brand, trust in business, business processes, corporate social responsibility, profit making and commercial advantages.

For the first time ever we will be able to discuss the true value of security from an entirely new evidence base.

We will be progressing this study throughout the year, speaking to security professionals, and those from other business departments (such as HR, Marketing, Finance, Procurement and Legal) to understand how security helps them in their roles. We would welcome contact from people that would like to share their thoughts or experiences on this issue.

To get in touch with us about this piece of work, please contact Amy Randall on or 01892 538690.

Click here to take part in a survey on the Broader Benefits of Security.

For further information about the Security Research Initiative click here.

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