Market Research & Communications

We live in an era of unparalleled change. The ability to understand what is going on behind the scenes is pivotal to continuing business success.

Effective, timely research is the only way to keep one step ahead. Perpetuity Research has a strong track record in helping clients understand their markets and how their customers, employees and other key stakeholders are thinking. With the full range of quantitative and qualitative research techniques at our disposal, we provide clients with the data they need to develop their product and service offerings, formulate robust marketing and communication strategies, deliver compelling messages that capture stakeholders’ attention and help to achieve organisational objectives.

What we offer

Research can be a cost-effective way of finding out what people believe, think, want, need or do. There is a range of ways in which research can be helpful. Our expertise includes the following:

  • Establishing levels of employee awareness, understanding perceptions and engagement levels, better enabling effective internal communication programmes
  • Assessing customer satisfaction levels and identifying any gaps between what you provide and what they need
  • Learning about and monitoring customer needs and their reaction to both what you provide and what your competitors do
  • Producing robust marketing and communication strategies and plans
  • Developing compelling communication messages and campaigns that resonate with stakeholders
  • Enhancing product and service offerings for competitive advantage
  • Assessing the impact and effectiveness of current strategies/campaigns/channels
  • Better understanding purchaser behaviour and preferences
  • Raising an organisation’s profile through media coverage and having reliable, detailed evidence to present to key stakeholders
  • Implementing research findings to help raise your profile, generate media coverage and bring wider attention to your aims and what you are trying to achieve, even helping you to become a thought leader
  • Testing new products and services

You can view a case study of our market research work here.