Evaluation of CCTV in the London Borough of Lewisham

This paper reports on an evaluation of the town centre CCTV scheme in the London Borough of Lewisham. The study was conducted in 2003 and 2004, and looked at the scheme’s operation in the years 1996 to 2004. The evaluation was conducted by a mixture of process evaluation (examination of the implementation and management of the scheme) and impact evaluation […]

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The Home Office – Assessing the Impact of CCTV

This report was produced by Professor Martin Gill and a team of researchers from the University of Leicester for the Home Office and evaluates 13 Closed Circuit Television Camera (CCTV) projects (comprising 14 separate systems) implemented in a range of contexts, including town centres, city centres, car parks, hospitals and residential areas. The projects were funded under Phase 2 of […]

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A short evaluation of the (economic) benefits of the Milton Keynes CCTV System in managing police resources

This provides a summary of the findings from a research project looking at the economic and efficiency benefits to the police and the wider criminal justice system of a CCTV system in Milton Keynes. The study found a wide range of benefits, some of which were costed to determine a return on investment. It is clear that CCTV offers a […]

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